The Board of Directors are working with Stantec Engineering and Aquatic Systems to continue visual improvement of the ponds. Literature was distributed to the members in attendance at the January 18 Board meeting. This helpful information outlines the design and history of the “retention” ponds, and the limitations by SWFTMD on chemical treatments and plant removal. A thorough discussion of plantings that assist with the various issues of each pond was made.

The Board approved Step 1 of the process which is pond bank and littoral shelf plantings for Pond 5.  (Ogakor). Pond 5 is the pond most affected by flowing overflow of nutrients or algea since Ponds 1, 2 & 4 flow from the north through Pond 5, and then into the drainage easements to the south of South Fork. (SWFTMD design).

Consideration for other pond plantings will be done in 2018 as funds are available.

Aquatic System Reports

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Chemicals Used in the Ponds

Alligare Fluridone
Liquid Alum
Aqua-King Plus
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
DMA™ 4 IVM Herbicide
Polaris AC
Roundup Custom[TM] for Aquatic & Terrestrial Use



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